is to not only provide you with profitable trading signals, but ultimately to help traders become self-sufficient and be able to make their own winning trades. We also strive to have the #1 Trading Family, where everyone wakes up and looks forward to coming to the group every day and making money!


We do this by first bringing all beginners up to speed with an AMAZING short program that will help you learn the basics of chart reading and trading options. We then not only signal all of our trades in the chat, but we also trade live every day of the week. Our trades are signaled live in real-time, and the reasoning and logic behind the moves are explained in depth. We also share our charts and every indicator that we use so you can set yours up the EXACT same way, (this is a secret no trader will ever give up). In addition, we have classes almost every week on some of the most profitable strategies ever created, we have proprietary trading algorithms that give you real-time buy and sell alerts, you will also be able to ask any analyst questions, and you will be surrounded with 6 and 7 figure traders on a daily basis, and so much more. We look forward to transforming you into a profitable trader.