Trade Live every Morning with 3 Full-Time Expert Analysts

“With a community of over 3,000 investors in our trading group, we are here to take your trading to the next level. From beginner to expert, we are the group for you.”
– Brendan Guastaferro

Please Click this Link: https://slkt.io/XasF
And Fill Out the form! I will text you back with all the details on how to join our new 8 Week Academy! Are you ready to transform your portfolio over the next 8 Weeks?!

What Our Membership Offers You

3 Full-Time Trading Analysts

We have 3 Full-time Trading analysts ready to take your trading to the next level. We each have different trading styles and are here to make sure you not only have profitable signals from us, but also LEARN how to make your own profitable trades.

Daily LIVE Trading &
Buy & Sell Alerts

We live Trade every single day, sharing our screen and calling out trades so you can see our exact step-by-step analysis. We share our charts, and every indicator we use and show you how to set up yours to make profitable trades. THIS is so important and something most groups hide from you!

Classes 4X Per Month
From Beginner to Expert

It truly does not matter what your current skill set is. If you are a beginner, we will get you up to speed VERY quickly with our beginner’s quick start guide of videos. From there we have a Library of previous classes along with NEW classes 4X per Month with our TOP Analysts on all things Trading!

Family of Like-Minded Investors

This is a tight Family of over 3,000 Traders and Investors in discord with over 50,000 people across social media. You will be surrounded by many 6 and 7-figure earners to learn the ins and outs of how to become a profitable trader. We put a focus on making sure everyone’s questions are answered.